Free shipping on orders of 65 Discount code: COCOSHIPS
Free shipping on orders of 65 Discount code: COCOSHIPS

Room & Car Freshener

$6.00 - $10.00

Concentrated scents for any object in a room or car. A little goes a long way!

Ingredients: Odor eliminator base, Paraben Free Fragrance Oil

Laundry Time: Fabric Softener, Clean & Fresh 

Leather Seats: (Masculine) Brand new Car Smell, Tobacco leaf, leather, toasted oak, cigar lounge manly vibes

Mahogany Teakwood & Linen: (Masculine) Woody, Dark oak, Fresh clean linen, Very sophisticated wealthy vibes

Pink Candy: Pink sweet candy, Soft baby powder, Coconut, sweet girly vibes

Cuddles: Warm, Sweet and Cozy. Reminiscent of a warm bubble bath, very soft delicate scent, romantic warmth vibes

Orange Bliss (Bathroom odor eliminator): Citrus
Spray Orange Bliss into the toilet before 💩 to eliminate smells

8oz & 2oz

2oz bottles are perfect for keeping in the car


Safe for people with respiratory issues.

Image of Carpet Freshener
Carpet Freshener
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