Free shipping on orders of 65 Discount code: COCOSHIPS
Free shipping on orders of 65 Discount code: COCOSHIPS

Men’s Body Milk Mist


Our body milk mists are used just like any body spray. The only difference is that this Milk Mist has hydrating and moisturizing benefits! So that means you can safely spray on skin and hair without drying out & don't worry the white color doesn't stain. Our body mist is a fine mist.

Ingredients: Milk base, Distilled water, fragrance, polysorbate, skin safe preservative

HUS-BAE (Aqua Di Gio type) : Sexy, Fresh, Bergamot, Woody, Very Masculine, Attention Grabbing, Smokey. Husbae is a grown and settled man. He's what they call a alpha man

Smooth (Blue Sugar type) : Sweet yet Masculine, Vanilla, Warm, Sexy, Woody, Patchouli. Smooth is a young man. He's attractive but unfortunately he's a player

Excuse me miss: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Bergamot, alluring scent, masculine, seductive. Excuse me is a intoxicating and mysterious man

Image of Mens Whipped Body Butter
Mens Whipped Body Butter
Image of Mens Moisturizing Body Oil
Mens Moisturizing Body Oil
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Skin-care Bundle Men
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